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About Walleye Recipes

Categories & Recipe Count

Baked Walleye 27   Pickled Walleye Recipes 3
Broiled Walleye 5   Poached Walleye 5
Walleye Casseroles & Soufflés 2   Walleye Sandwich Spreads 2
Walleye Condiments 2   Walleye Salads 1
Deep Fried Walleye 4   Walleye Sandwiches 2
Grilled Walleye 14   Walleye Shish Kabob 3
Walleye Marinades 2   Smoked Walleye 2
Mexican Walleye Recipes 3   Walleye Soups & Stews 9
Micro-waved Walleye 2   Walleye Stir Fry 1
Pan Fried Walleye 27      


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